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Oggie Golev

Hi, my name is Oggie Golev, artist and subsequently art manager.
In my early childhood I discovered that inventing and preparing for playing a game with my folks was something like my great power. As doing so, I was mixing the feeling of expressing myself together with the building up a comfort zone where my friends can really get together and feel comfortable. I finished the English language school in my hometown and then the National Theatre and Film Academy. Together with my wife we running a small independent theatrical organization in Sofia, where she finds comfort and expression.

I developed my skills in similar direction. I started working with my talented friends (professional artists), who express themselves beautifully with artworks of great beneficial value and quality but lack the time to open up to the world. Step by step I do my best to work with every single one of them independently and follow the wave of getting them together in one art platform and several online shops. I named the platform INTEGRATED ARTISTS because it was my basic goal - integrate people/artists together and feel free to go back within themselves, open up and back investigating inspiration, working attitude and knowledge. Ever since we help each other and develop our various skills on the way. We are happy to be here together, we investigate, we keep ourselves inspired, we open up, enlarge our consciousness, we grow.

Feel free to get to know us better and deeper. Let’s share ideas and feel inspired. You are always welcome here! Please do not hesitate to text me about anything!

Happy shopping,
Oggie Golev

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