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Tsvetan Nikolov

Tsvetan Nikolov is a professional Bulgarian contemporary artist. In 2003 he graduated from the High School of Applied Arts in Sofia and in 2007 - the National Academy of Arts with master degree in Art Space Design. Ever since he develops himself as a successful Bulgarian sculptor and contemporary artist with many exhibitions in Bulgaria and Turkey. His large figurative art objects are created and crafted with metal, wood or paper. His unique art style is usually described as extraordinary detailed realism.

Artist's quote:
"It all started with a sketch of a woman's butt. I remember the sketch, I remember the butt. Everything else comes after and I'm still looking for that perfection in my art."

Visit my website: http://tsvetannikolov.blogspot.bg/
Sculptures for sale: https://www.artfinder.com/artist/tsvetan-nikolov/#/


Golden Boy, 110x42x25 cm, paper craft sculpture

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