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Velika Prahova

Velika Prahova is a professional Bulgarian contemporary artist. In 2012 she graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia with master degree in Visual Digital Arts & Sculpture. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Bulgaria and she has created many art installations at few international festivals. She has large experience in stage design and costume design, as she has been working on many independent theatrical and dance group projects and many film and TV productions.

Artist's quote:
"I need to express myself by doing things with my hands, drawing, painting, sculpturing. This is something I can not resist, it is very strong and infinite. It cannot be satisfied, it can only happen."

Visit my website: http://velikaprahova.com/
Artworks for sale: https://www.artfinder.com/artist/velika-prahova/#/


Marble, 40x80 cm, acrylic painting

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