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Silvia Pavlova

Silvia Pavlova is a famous Bulgarian professional contemporary artist, who works and lives in Sofia, where she was born in 1979. In 2006 she graduated from the New Bulgarian University with master degree in fine art and stage design. Ever since she works as a successful contemporary artist with lots of exhibitions in Europe and Asia.

Artist's quote:
"Art gives me the freedom to unlock people's senses for harmony and aesthetics. Usually I know exactly what I want to do and how to do it, but in the process things change and lead me. This is the art of doing art, learning to feel when to lead and when to be led. Out of this magical dance the painting is born."

Visit my webpage: http://www.silviapavlova.com/
Paintings for sale: https://www.artfinder.com/artist/silvia-pavlova/#/


The Cold Well, 116x89 cm, mixed media painting

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