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Zlatina Krusteva

Zlatina Krusteva is a talented professional Bulgarian contemporary artist. In 2004 she graduated from the National School of Arts in Varna with the specialty of Printmaking. In 2010 she graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia with master degree in the specialty "Fine Art Ceramics". In 2007 she graduated from the Universidad de Granada in Spain with fine art ceramics specialty too. Ever since she develops her talents and creativity as a successful contemporary artist with many group exhibitions in Bulgaria. Zlatina runs a small local factory under her private personal brand ZLATA for fine art ceramic artworks and porcelain ware.

Artist's quote:
"Ever since a child the attraction between the colored pencils, the white sheet of paper and me is natural. Yellow, red, purple and green, a miracle. It gives me everything, especially calmness. Like a warm, cozy, bright hiding place, where ideas and work happen."

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The Balcony, 100x70 cm, charcoal on colored cardboard

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