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Sava Draganov

Sava Draganov is a professional Bulgarian contemporary sculptor and woodcarver, designing and building art furniture, tableware and many unique home interior and exterior decors. He has graduated the National Academy of Arts in Sofia and ever since he's developing his huge talent. He is fascinated by the idea of finding ways of crafting different floral and scenery images out of the natural wood shapes. Lots of his artworks and furniture are already part of private collections in Europe and the USA.

Artist's quote:
"The creative process gives me the sense of discovering the art, realizing that it has discovered me already. If I could say what happens during the process of creation, then nothing happens. Dreams are plans. If the artist's plans can be planned, he is not a true artist."

Visit my webpage: http://woodsavadraganov.blogspot.bg/
Artworks for sale: https://www.artfinder.com/artist/sava-draganov/#/


Seabed, 105x70x7 cm, cherry wood wall sculpture

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